Photosynthesis and Respiration as musical algorithm

An audiovisual representation of photosynthesis and respiration

Initially H2O and CO2 are established melodically. Each atom is represented by a specific note, and the molecular bindings are represented by the rhythmic patterns of the notes.

The polarity in H2O is implied by a rhythmically asymmetrical phrase whereas the non-polarity of CO2 is implied with rhythmical symmetry. The molecules assemble gradually until six water molecules and six carbondioxide molecules are present within a two measure period. Sunlight is represented harmonically.

When sunlight is introduced and the photosynthesis commences, the melodically established H2O and CO2 molecules disassemble and the atoms reassemble as six smaller dioxygen molecules and one large glucose molecule. Each level of the three dimensional structure of the glucose molecule, is build up within a two-measure period, and the levels distinguished by three different octaves, with the six-membered ring is the middle octave.

After the glucose molecule is fully established, the two measured glucose “beat” is looped to symbolize that the proces goes on again and again in each plant cell. Like the sunlight, darkness is represented with a harmony which also indicates that the proces of respiration has begun. The glucose beat disassembles allowing the now free atoms to reassemble to their initial molecular constellations H2O and CO2.